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Kenedi Morelock
Jordan Collins
Ashlyn Brown
Cozee Clark
Owen named to Oklahoman Big City Roster
Author: Jacob Unruh
The    Oklahoman's 2017 Big All-City softball team  by    Jacob Unruh   Published: November 25, 2017 4:19 PM CDT Updated: November 25, 2017 4:20 PM CDT Meet The Oklahoman's First team http://newsok.com/big
Ashtyn McAdoo signs with Southwestern OK State Univ
Author: Staff
Ashtyn McAdoo is a 3 year starter for the Piedmont Softball Program. This year Ashtyn was named to the All-Region and All-District teams.  Ashtyn has been the ideal player to coach the past two seasons.  She is very coachable and very intel
Abby DeTar signs with Northwestern OK State Univ
Author: Staff
Abby DeTar is a 4 year starter for Piedmont High School and a starter for two state runner-up teams.  Abby was named to the All-District team the past two years, this year being named 1st Team 5A-2 at third base.  Abby has been a great kid
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